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Competitive Exercise

Personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than Competitive Fitness and Strength Training, those two are my favourite and most results producing sessions, there is no doubt in my mind that you will love, or at least start to love them after a while 🙂

I have many years of experience with high intensity training, functional training and varied training, my husband is also a qualified CrossFit trainer who designs some of the best WODs (workout of the day) you can imagine.

One thing we do a bit different than CrossFit is the focus on mostly Unilateral training and leaving out complicated Olympic lifts which take years to properly master, we also focus more on strict pull-ups.
In Competitive Exercise we focus even more on safety, form & technique, more than any other sessions we provide due to the intensity and constant workload, yes it’s important to be better and faster than your yesterdays self or your fellow competitors, but never at the risk of injury. Cheat reps do not count, and rest is mandatory to maintain good form and technique, this is the only way to become better, improve and see results.

The way we teach Competitive Exercise is suitable for anyone, we build you up, we scale you down when required, we provide alternatives when needed, this is exercise at it’s best and it’s for EVERYONE.



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Thanks for a great Caveman training session Saturday morning. It was one of the hardest sessions I’ve ever had! (seriously, quite a few times I didn’t think I’d be able to continue) Loved every minute of it though, and am looking forward to becoming more and more able to match the fitness of my fellow training partners. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
– Jake Fox

Jake also wrote an article on his blog about his experience with us, you can read it here.


Below is a short but intense WOD we put together for one of our clients, every muscle in his body was challenged, he performed all exercises at a good pace that he could maintain without stopping.

Following is a video from Mark who trained with me at one of my gyms.