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Exercise for Fatloss

Above is a video of me and Colette going through the 12 week challenge I have put together for people to reach a goal, a goal of fat loss, muscle gain or getting fit.

You gotta have someone to kick your ass!
~ Colette Wilson


As a trainer / coach and person who has personally experienced weight and body issues, I’m able to help you with losing fat through exercise and also lifestyle changes when joining my 12 week challenges.


I have put together the 12 Week Health, Fitness and Lifestyle challenge, it’s a lifestyle challenge because it’s not just a quick 12 week weight loss and then forget about it, the program will educate you to maintain your fat loss without any issues through small and maintainable steps.

The challenge comes with a guide, following is one page from that guide.

This guide is not supposed to be black & white, it’s to provide guidance and you make the final choices in the end. This guide is not meant as a “Don’t do this, do that” it’s a guide and meant to help you in making educated decisions.

Before you start any exercise or make any changes we recommend that you see your doctor and get a referral to do a blood test, find out your cholesterol and glucose plus talk about the challenge you’re about to embark on.
Make small changes as you go along, not big drastic changes that you can’t or don’t want to maintain.

Pick out of this guide what works for you and create your own document, adjust as you go along your journey. Cross out what does not work, highlight what works and add what is missing.

Set an achievable goal for yourself, not one that you will struggle to make or will set yourself up for failure with.

Do not expect a pill that will dramatically change your life and make you fit and healthy, there will be changes that you have to make, there will be sacrifices you will have to make, if you don’t make them there will be no results. If you don’t put in the effort there will be no results.


Following are some words from Rohan who trained with me to lose weight and fat through exercise and lifestyle changes.

Following are some words from Chris who needed to lose weight/fat and tone up for his acting role in the US.