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1/2 Marathon

I never thought I would do this but today I conquered my first attempt at Kettlebell 1/2 marathon. This is a complete 30mins without putting the KB down. I performed 474 unbroken snatches with a 12kg. I could have kept going, actually for a further 10 or 15mins, I felt like I still had heaps of energy left in me.

I am entering a competition in March for Kettlebell Sport in Spain and still deciding what to do, whether that be Long Cycle or 1/2 Marathon or to what the hell maybe even full Marathon.

I never thought I would ever say this but my Inspiration lately has been my 16yo son. From what I have wished for him to become (fit, healthy and training) instead of sitting behind his computer playing games for so long, he has finally turned into a fit young athlete who has flipped that switch. All of a sudden in the last couple of weeks the light bulb has switched on. He is training like a beast with his Kettlebells, completing Long Cycle with 2x16kgs, he is really inspiring me with his “Mental Toughness” lately.

And that, yes and that is what drives me lately seeing how he has made a change in his mindset.

Stay Tuned Peeps 🙂



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