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Autophagy (Intermittent Fasting: part 2)

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is the method by which your body cleans out damaged cells and toxins, helps you regenerate newer, healthier cells. It is basically cleaning out debris within the cells and recycling them to regenerate.

Imagine in your house you have a garbage disposal in your sink you put the waste or garbage in there and it comes out as great materials such as wood, nails, and other raw materials to then build a new kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in your house. This is exactly what Autophagy is, it takes garbage and makes it into new good raw materials so then you can build new cells. It’s very anti-aging, it’s great for the heart to grow new heart cells, it’s good to protect the brain cells to regrow new brain cells and nerve cells, it’s also protective against the immune system as well. So it takes defective damaged cell parts and pushes it into the garbage disposal, along with “Intracellular Pathogens” such as microbes, yeast, fungus, and viruses. It then recycles it, so basically your cells can take all these and recycle it into new raw materials which can be used for rebuilding, cell rejuvenation, and energy.

Think of it this way: You are in the kitchen making a meal, you eat then clean up the counter, you keep what is good, and you throw away leftovers. The next day you have a sparkling clean kitchen. This is the same way autophagy works in your body.

The Science behind Autophagy

The body’s natural cleaning process (autophagy), which recycles the junk in your cells and turns it into energy, is the cellular equivalent of burning your trash to stay warm. Over time, cells accumulate dead organelles, damaged proteins, and oxidized particles that interfere with cell function and accelerate aging. Autophagy is the body’s method of clearing out this clutter, meaning it helps keep you young.

Autophagy can be turned on by limiting your Protein consumption 1 – 2 days a week. That’s all it needs to have a full cleanse, or eliminating debris that may be floating around. It’ s like having your car deep cleaned in the car wash. or it can be turned on by fasting for an extended period of time known as “Prolonged fasting”, for this to happen you must at least fast for a minimum of 24hrs to a maximum 48hrs or even longer.

Fasting tears down the old stuff, gets rid of all the old cells which is known as Autophagy, and THEN when you eat again it forms new cells, with new stuff, it’s much better for you, a lot healthier, instead of just trying to add on.



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