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Personal Trainer El Faro

IMG_6431Today I trained David on the beach in El Faro Fuengirola, he’s from London. He will be here for 1 month and he’s only 53 years young. He emailed me as he has just been working way too much in the dark grey skies, and is broken, meaning he’s in great need of a break. He’s just been through some shoulder surgery and literally hasn’t done anything for 5-6months. He was so happy to finally get his body moving again and feeling good on the inside. That’s one of my specialities, I build people up from the “inside”, I don’t tear them down, I let them see that they can learn a new skill, train in a new way, a new way to move their body, and a new way to take care of their health and well being through nutrition, rest and recovery. He did really well on his first day of learning Kettlebells the “right way” and I know he’s going to improve very fast and as he has the drive to learn and train. I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the weeks to come.


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