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Long Cycle KB Training

I have started a whole new way of training lately, it’s called Kettlebell Long Cycle, a sport that’s very popular in the Kettlebell World, also known as “Girevoy Sport”  GS. I have been training this for 10 days now and this is how I am progressing with my endurance and mental toughness.

 The objective is to complete as many repetitions as possible of a lift, such as a Snatch or a Clean and Jerk within a ten minute period without letting the kettlebell down. To accomplish this one requires a tremendous level of endurance and strength, both physically & mentally. These qualities are achieved through thorough training. Yes well, I gave myself 10 days to at least complete one Full Cycle and this is how I did it…

Day 1: 29/06  2 x 12kgs (24kgs) it was unmanageable for me, put the bells down several times.

Day 2: 30/06 2 x 8kgs (16kgs) went for 7mins straight then rested for 1 minute, continued the full course after that.

Day 3: 01/07 2 x 10kgs (20kgs) went for 6mins straight, the mental games were on upstairs, rested 1 minute then continued.

Day 4: 04/07 Tried 2 x 8kgs (16kgs) again, this time I was determined not to budge and put them down. It was HARD! but I accomplished it. The mind games were on by 5mins onwards looking at the clock counting down. There was no way in hell I was gonna let them go down…

Day 5: 08/07 Went for the 2 x 10kgs again (20kgs) in total overhead…Well, I was determined to get these babies done as well, no matter how much it hurt! and it was completed.

So now my next goal is to try and complete as many reps as possible with 20kgs in the 10minutes, once I’m satisfied with a number (which I haven’t really worked it out yet) I will then work up to 24kgs.

So I guess I can say I am “HOOKED”, why? because it’s TOUGH, and I love TOUGH, why? because I am




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