Reality Check

Fat loss will not magically happen just because you ate one clean meal and you won’t get stronger just because you went to the gym one time.

Create goals and develop behaviors and actions that go with your goals. Like I pretty much have the same routine every morning/everyday. But you also have to spend months and years, not days & weeks, developing habits and skills staying focused on your goals.

The reality is most will quit after one or two clean meals and a few hard workouts. They immediately start making excuses like “it’s too hard, I’ll start tomorrow, etc… and it’s just excuse after excuse. Of course they never achieve any success. Then instead of being accountable for their actions they blame others and say “she must have great genetics, he’s on steroids, etc…

Stop making excuses and get off your ass and do something about it and quit bitching and complaining. If you want results or just be successful in life in general take action and make it happen. No one is stopping you but you.


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