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Here’s a little tip for other PT’s…

Here’s a little tip for other PT’s out there. Through my own humbling experiencing just when you think it cannot be done, it Can! with a little thought, research and planning an Awesome session can be accomplished by clients with two very different exercise histories. You know at one stage throughout my coaching/PT career I would have never of taken on two clients in a session with complete different injuries, as it always seemed impossible for me to do, not giving the one client full attention while you’re concentrating on the other, one is left standing around etc waiting.  Well, these days my perspective and outlook have changed how I run my sessions. I have met this really lovely couple in their 50’s and they were a pleasure to train. While one has lower body injuries the other has upper body injuries, so how was I going to handle this and make them both feel important at the same time.? Do your research on what they can and cannot do, asses them both before you even start to do anything with each of them, ask questions, take notes, then get them started on light mobility drills, if one cannot do a particular drill you need to be able to think quick to give them an alternative without making them feel inferior. A good trainer will always have tricks up their sleeve, meaning they will always come up with a perfect alternative without umming or arring. For eg, my whole session was having them do completely different exercises but still being able to communicate with them both making them feel worthy and that they can do it together without them being too far apart, while one was doing pushups the other was doing rehab exercises to strengthen their knee, and so forth, so I am here to say with some thought and creativity you can get more clients without losing them.

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