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IKFF Qualification…

Hello World!

Well, what’s New in my world?  I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with “Steve Cotter” world famous Kettlebell trainer.  I did a 2-day intensive course with him in Cordoba a couple of weeks back, after going through really tough physical requirements to pass, I am now proud to say I am an International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation Kettlebell Trainer under his name. IKFF.. Along with all my other credentials 🙂

Steve Cotter is a “Real Nice” down to earth guy, we had the pleasure of hosting him in our home for a few days and got to really know him on a more personable level. He is one hell of a smart guy when it comes to his Kettlebells and Mobility training. If you ever get the chance (that’s if you’re into Kettlebells of course) you must go and do one of his workshops, just his presence is so humbling…the energy that hits you when you are surrounded by him is absolutely amazing…

Signing off now 🙂

Happy Swinging…..and Yours in Health!


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