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Instagram and Body Image

Body Image

These days you see so many people on Instagram that are made out to look perfect, the washboard abs, the tans, the flawless physiques in both males and females, it really can mess with one’s mind if not taken lightly. There are so many young girls with eating disorders, many young girls wanting to compete on stage as a figure competitor or becoming a bikini model just to look like this. “Why” YOU ASK? Why would one want to go through serious hell just for a certain look on one given day?


All this for just one day, you put yourself through all this unhealthy restrictive dieting/binge eating for a year, or more, or maybe just for 16 weeks, and then this final day comes, you are lean, shredded, you have your look, you have waited for this moment where you can show the world all the hard work and dedication that you have put in to get there.

You now finally have the abs, the bikini that looks stunning (not to mention cost so much money with all that bling & glitz), the flawless hair and makeup, you walk out with many other competitors all on the same boat, hoping to win, hey even place 2nd or 3rd or win of any kind, just a trophy or medal please, “to make me feel proud for all my efforts”.

What people don’t realise is that on the flip side it’s not really a journey for everyone, it’s not for people who have body image issues, it’s not for people who have eating disorders and hope that they will fix these through dieting and getting lean. It actually makes matters worse for these kinds of people (more so for females). It makes them more miserable and unhappy, why? Because after that final day has been and gone, there is nothing left for them, no more dieting, no more goals to work towards, in a certain time frame, they feel they have nothing, everything’s gone, no more routine or planned meals, “I have been restricted for so long with food, I can now eat whatever the hell I want”, so they go on a binge eating spree, a spree that may last up to 10 days on all the food that they have been deprived of for so long, or maybe this bingeing cannot stop and has turned into a serious eating disorder.

What I’m trying to get across is that if you live your life by these fake photo-shopped models in the hope to look like them, or even thinking of becoming a bikini model/fitness competitor, think again, they only portray they are happy on the surface, getting across their picture perfect health. The real truth is that they are NOT. A lot of these models are lonely and seek attention from others to get the most likes and seek approval left, right and centre all the time.

That’s not to say that there aren’t those who are professional models/competitors, doing it right and looking after their health. They have the right mind set, take time to get to their goals, and have protocols in place for when they finished their competition or photoshoot.

So if you really want to lean up and look good, do it the right way, take your time with good nutrition and training, nothing is more important than your own health. Put things into perspective. Instagram models are not perfect, stage competitors are not stage lean all year round, photo models don’t look perfect all day everyday. You are you, take pride in how you look after your body, we are all unique and come in different shapes and sizes. Look at your strengths and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Just work on yourself, be the best you can be day in, day out, and eventually you will get to your goals the right way.

Be the best version of yourself you can be!

Stay Happy and Healthy there is no better way…


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