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What Society says is Medicine, What “Real Medicine” is…

Today’s society is all about the all mighty dollar, especially in the medical/pharmaceutical field. People say they become doctors to help others improve their quality of life, but many are so quick to prescribe another drug to “manage” an issue instead of looking to fix the issue and boy do the pharmaceutical companies get the better end of that deal.
Now this is not to say some conditions or illnesses don’t require certain medications , but many times improving one’s overall physical state by simple changes like eating whole nutrient dense foods, exercising 3-5 times a week, getting “quality” sleep, reducing stress, etc.. can make a drastic difference and I have seen this first hand with clients who were able to stop their medications.
You must take accountability for your health and not allow a doctor to always push drugs on you in hopes your quality of life will improve. Take it upon yourself to make the necessary changes and stop relying on all these prescription and OTC drugs.



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