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Understanding Progress

When it comes to progress whether it’s for a contest prep or general fat loss phase or even strength gains there will tend to be times where there is ZERO progress made. You could be doing everything perfectly with nutrition, training, recovery, etc.. but there is no progression at all.

Then all of a sudden you will notice some big changes. You are getting leaner day after day looking tighter and/or you get stronger with lifts going up each time you step into the gym. But then it happens again, progress slows and dissipates and you start to hit that wall with no progression looking the same every day and weights feeling heavy.

Realize that this is absolutely normal at times and part of the whole process of progression and improvements. Progress is never purely linear, and sometimes regression is part of it. Understand as long as you have well laid out plan in place you’re setting yourself up for more progress. So always stay consistent and one very important thing is DON’T panic and make crazy drastic changes to your plans to try and force your body to progress, that will end up biting you in the ass and backfiring most of the time.


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