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Why are you doing this to Yourself? Earn your Happiness….

Earn your happiness…

Being overweight is from eating more than our bodies need.

We eat more than our bodies need when we’re unhappy.

We’re typically unhappy because of life’s problems.

Some of life’s problems are out of our hands but many are not.

If we are the cause of our stress and unhappiness why are we doing this to ourselves? Because food makes us feel good in an instant. The issue is it soon adds to the unhappiness bank in terms of excess body fat and the cycle repeats. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

We have to look at this journey differently. Train yourself to earn long term happiness by planting the seeds known as “the right decision”. To do this you have to address your personal hurdles.

Start from the top. Think of all the things that are causing you stress or unhappiness. In many cases your self confidence will be number one. On one side write the things you can control. On the other write the things you can not control. Then look back at the list and give it an honest assessment and move about 3-4 things to the side you can control 😉

After you have your list think of all the things you are doing that may be keeping you from actually being happy. I promise you it is so much easier than you think and you are in control even when it doesn’t look like it. The cause of your over eating is a collection of many little issues that may take time to solve but one by one you will earn your happiness.


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