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Kettlebell Training

I’m a professional Kettlebell Trainer with several qualifications from AIK and Dynobells, level 1, 2 and Kettlebell Instructor. If you watched the intro video above (made by my husband who is also a Kettlebell professional) then by now you know what the countless benefits are of Kettlebell training.

Over the years Kettlebells have become more and more popular, but they’ll always remain a special beast because not just any trainer can pick up Kettlebells and safely plus effectively train their clients. If you have an eye for detail you will see the trainers who are not qualified to teach Kettlebells, those trainers who make their clients do ‘SWINGS’ or rather what they think are swings but actually turned into unsafe squat and shoulder raises, if you train with a proper Kettlebell Trainer you will see that if you learn this exercise properly it will provide you with many benefits, and more importantly, when your trainer asks you to do 100, you won’t think he/she is crazy, you’ll do them with ease.



Kettlebell Training is for anyone, no matter what age, as long as you train with a knowledgeable coach who correctly assesses you, progresses and regresses you when required and holds your safety paramount.

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If you want overall pure strength, core strength, flexibility and a strong back to prevent back pain or injuries, then Kettlebell Training is what you need! Even if you don’t need any of the above, Kettlebell Training is still what you need, it’s such a versatile tool that you can do any type of training with it.


Below is a testimonial from Benji who trained with me at one of my gyms, Benji is a rugby player and needed something to help him get the edge over his opponents.