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We charged $85 to $120 an hour back in Australia for a session, we had price differences between generic and specific training, we arrived on the Costa Del Sol in 2015, we’re unknown, we have to build up our profile again, we’re keeping it simple for the moment, so take advantage of our current cost per session while you can.


60 minutes personal training 1 on 1 €50
60 minutes personal training 1 on 2 €55
60 minutes personal training 2 trainers on 2 €65
60 minutes group training 1 trainer €40 minimum [Conditions apply]

*add €5 for travel costs on distances longer than 5k
*contact us to discuss long term training and discounts
*minimum per group session is €40 and extra people €5

Contact me today by clicking one of the three boxes below to have an informal chat about your requirements or have me answer any questions you might have.

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The best is to meet up for a coffee, don’t be shy, I’m a down to earth person, I don’t judge people. When we meet in person we can discuss the finer details of your goals, any existing injuries, pet peeves, what you’re looking for in a coach, and I can tell you what I can offer you and how we’re going to reach your goals.