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Testimonials & Clients


I’ve owned, managed and worked in several gyms in different continents, following are some testimonials from people who trained with me at those gyms while on holiday or living there.


Following is Judith Placht a wonderful women who loves to exercise and the results it brings.

It took some time to get over my inner lazy dog, but once having started working with Anna I never regretted it.

Judith PlachtI’m glad I had booked all my sessions 3 times a week for nearly 6 months in advance so I had never one excuse not to go, no matter if I was busy with work or simply too tired.

Every workout is different and Anna adjusted always to my daily fitness making always sure I’m still pushing myself over the boundaries getting stronger and fitter very fast. Although I sometimes was tired before we got started I was always feeling animated afterwards.

What I love most about the sessions is that I never know what Anna will do. Every session is different. That’s what makes the difference between going to the gym working on machines feeling bored. I never felt bored once. The 45 minutes always passes so quickly because it’s simply fun although it’s sometimes really hard.

If you think you are not fit enough to start working with Anna or Taco just give it a try. I also had never done any sport before I trained with Anna. I tried several DVDs at home but when I was feeling tired I didn’t do anything. I really enjoy having someone to kick my ass.

Anna and Taco are here to help you get fit. That’s why you pay them. And they are really professional. I can recommend them 100%. So stop thinking about doing sport just do it!

Judith Placht


Anna is a lady who was on holiday and employed my services over a couple of weeks to sty fit while on holiday.

Anna MichauMy husband and I hired Anna to train us over three weeks while we were on holidays. Anna was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was organised, punctual and friendly. Every workout was individual and challenging and she came directly to our villa with the equipment needed for that day. Anna is skilled, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. Her many years of experience are evident as she knows just how and when to encourage and push you through. Both my husband and I returned from our holiday feeling fitter, stronger and more flexible thanks to Anna’s efforts, I would recommend her without reservation.

Thanks again for all the great sessions, Rene and I really enjoyed working out with you.

Take care
Anna Michau

David is a great guy who is exercising to lose fat, become more flexible and fit enough to play basketball.

Salut à tous,

Je m’entraine avec Taco et Anna depuis plus de quatre mois, c’est ma meilleure expériences en sport depuis bien longtemps.
David GriffonQuand j’ai rencontré Taco, je lui ai annoncé que je désirais perdre 30 KG, il m’a dit cela va être long… je le savais ;-). nous avons comencé des entrainements particulier deux fois semaine. j’ai ensuite rejoint un groupe pour faire 1H de plus.

Depuis, j’ai perdu 11 KG, je suis plein d’énergie, bien plus fort, je me voit progresser et mon corps change (disons que je peux m’habiller mieux…)
j’ai encore beaucoup de travail a faire avant d’atteindre mon but, mais c’est tellement satisfaisant de travailler avec des professionnels, et pour un tarif vraiment abordable.

je vous conseille vivement de rejoindre Gym Elite, c’est dur , fun et sympa.

Merci Anna et Taco


Nikas trained with me at my gyms, he participated mostly in Competitive Exercise and Kettlebell classes


Hi Anna, I wanted to express my gratitude for your guidance and coaching over the last year. You have been invaluable in helping to refashion my healthier lifestyle. To think that before I came to see you I couldn’t even walk up the ramp at the shopping centre without stopping to catch my breath. My first training session was woeful. I am sure you were wondering. “Oh no! What have we here?” Now one year and 32kg later I am amazingly participating in your Tabata, TRX and Caveman Training for the first time and loving it! I look forward to many more.
With deepest appreciation.
~ Michelle