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Basic Nutrition Tips

I love to educate people with  a basic knowledge of healthy food, about the nutrients in certain foods, learning to read your food labels and actually knowing what you are eating and feeding your family.Also to maximise your potential in training, performance, rest & recovery, or just general well being. Here’s a few basic tips that will help.

Natural food is the way of life.
If you starve your body of the nutrition it needs it will store fat. You will not achieve your goals. If your looking to lose body fat you must give your body what it deserves.
You are wanting to lose fat, not water & muscle.

Here are some good food principles:
Manage your Carb intake – meaning refined sugars & processed foods, Good carbs are actually good for you! (Yes, go get some potatoes & rice into you)
Eat good Quality Fats such as Olive oil, Avocados, fish, nuts, seeds & coconut oil
Eat Lean Protein Chicken, Fish, lean cuts of red meat if you must. Protein helps to build lean muscle, strong muscles, healthy bones & supports your immune system, it also gives you the feeling of satiety between meals. Try and eat organic when possible.
Limit Red Meat to 1-2 x weekly
Increase your Fibre Fibre works like a brush inside your body, it helps to clean it out.
Eat Natural, if it comes from Mother Nature you can’t go wrong!

Increase your Fruit & Vegetables daily

Low Fat products do more harm than good! Replace with natural full fat products eg, Natural Greek Yogurt may have more fat per serve, but the sugar content is hardly anything compared to low fat yogurt.


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