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Fruit, how much is too much?

Fruit how much are you consuming?

Fruits are important. They have a lot of vitamins, they have a lot of things that we need. They also have a lot of fibre and this is something that we need on a daily basis if we want to keep ourselves healthy on the inside and keep everything running smoothly. But, yes I did say the But! read on

Did you know?

People think that eating a good amount of fruit is healthy for them, but little do they know that fructose is the culprit for gaining abdominal fat.

It goes to the liver and the liver can only handle so much at a specific time, so it deposits it in the abdomen.

Fructose contributes to abdominal fat more than anything.

Here’s the thing let me explain

When you consume carbohydrates, they’re stored in the body in one of two forms. They are either stored as muscle glycogen or liver glycogen. What that means is, it’s a stored form of carbohydrate. Your body will either steer those carbohydrates into storage within the muscle or into storage within the liver.

When we consume glucose or simple sugars, regular starches, they get stored in the muscles as muscle glycogen. Then you have fructose it goes straight to the liver as liver glycogen. Glucose will not replenish liver glycogen or liver carbohydrates stores and fructose will not replenish muscle glycogen or muscle carbohydrates stores.

The liver can usually only store about 100g of carbohydrates. Whereas the muscles can hold a lot more as you have a lot of them, so you can get away with eating more starches or more regular sugars or other kinds of glucose than you can fructose. (as fructose alone only gets transported straight to the liver)

So what happens is, when you consume too much fructose, the liver glycogen gets full and it triggers a process that tells the body to start storing the extra fructose as body fat and this is where it goes, usually straight to the midsection.

So when is the best time to enjoy some fruit, The best time is right before your workout, Why? as your liver glycogen stores are low.

Why right before a workout?

Because the body is going to want to use that fructose first because it’s readily available for energy before it’s processed down the liver and stored as glycogen, it goes rapidly straight to the bloodstream and is readily available. This is the best time to eat your fruit and have the energy for your workouts as well.

So go on and end enjoy some fruit. Just don’t overdo it!


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