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Testimonial from Darren

The above video is that of Darren who trained with me for many years at one of my two gyms in Australia which was called The TOUGH Spot, a great place where we dished out tough love, check out the video and see what Darren has to say, Darren was in his 50’s when he started training with me.

Please note that all my services are now provided from the Costa Del Sol and surrounding areas.


My name is Darren Dumble, I go to The TOUGH Spot

What sort of classes do you do?
I do Caveman, I do Kettlebells, Muay Thai, and Boxing.

I heard you’re a bit of a fitness freak and one of the oldest and fittest at the gym, how does that make you feel?
Who told you that? I don’t know about being the oldest, alright, I’m the oldest LOL. Aah, I don’t know, it’s good I suppose to be able to keep up with the younger guys.

You’ve been at The TOUGH Spot since day one, is that right?
Yeah, before it was here

Tell us a bit about your experience?
It’s always been tough, it’s different, it’s unique, I don’t think I’ve had two classes the same in the last 16 months or have long I’ve been doing it. As I say, each week is something new and different, and I think it doesn’t matter if you’re a big guy or a small guy, there is something for everybody, if you’re little like me, you get them on the faster stuff, if you’re a bigger guy you get them on some of the lifting, so it’s even for the whole class, everyone gets a fair crack at it. It’s great!

What is the atmosphere like at The TOUGH Spot, especially since you’re a bit older, do they give you any flack?
No actually, no, they never give me any flack, during the class you don’t have time, you’re just puffing and panting just to get everything done, I think after it’s finished it’s a bit of camaraderie , the boys just have a bit of a joke, it’s a good atmosphere. That’s probably one of the reasons I keep coming back.

On that note, tell us what makes you keep coming back every time and going through the gruelling workouts?
You don’t know what you’re coming for, as I say, it can be a surprise, and you’ll hate it! It will be tough, it will be unique and different. So, as I say, you just don’t know what you’re coming for until you actually get here.

Does that excite you that you don’t know what you;re coming for?
Yeah, yeah, it’s different, you stand there, you don’t know until five minutes before you start, you know, what is the challenge going to be — lifting sandbags, running stairs, you know, something you hate like push ups or something you might like, like running. You just don’t know until you get here.

Why The TOUGH Spot over any other gym?
It is that uniqueness, most gyms if you go to do a Pump class or something, you know the routine is nearly the same every weekend, same if you a step class or weights. You do the same thing over and over again it is monotonous. As I say we’ll come here, today might be burpees, tomorrow might be push ups, you might get the two mixed together, chin ups, stair runs, as I say, nothing is ever the same.

Tell us a bit about the competitiveness?
Ahh, they can’t keep up – all the young people. No, it’s is a friendly rivalry, there is no hardship, you know, everyone is pushing each other, if you are the first one to finish you help the other guys finish. You just keep pushing along.

Would you recommend The TOUGH Spot to anyone?
Yeah, I’ve brought a couple, a couple of guys have followed me along, they’ve been here as long as I have now, yeah I recommend it to everybody. Give it a go, you’ll look at it you think you can’t do it, but everybody can do something, you just got to go and put a bit of an effort in — give it a whirl.

It’s unique, I think everyone can give it a go, it looks tough, it is tough, but you can only do what you can do and give it your best, and you’ll get through it. You’ll give it a try and each week you get better. As I say, the first one I ever did was an absolute killer, you know, and no matter how long you keep coming, tonight was an absolute killer, 18 months down the track it’s still a killer, it will always be a killer.

Why do you reckon it’s good that the workouts are so hard?
Because you know you’ve done something, you know, you’ll walk out of here sweating, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something, you’ve done something and you know you’ve done some exercise.


The TOUGH Spot is an epic place to train. A combination of motivated & experienced trainers, friendly atmosphere, and an extensive variety of classes makes it a truly unique experience. I would highly recommend the tough spot to all those looking for a fun place to train, get fit and mix with great people!

~ Carlos Charalambous



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