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28 Day Kettlebell Challenge End Result

20160602_142552 24/05/16

Finally Day 28 has come around and I’m all out of KB Swings, I Totalled 12,401 and 248,020 kgs moved.

It was far from my original goal of 14,000, but hey, I came first out of all the female competitors, so Im pretty happy with that, actually I even beat all the males:-) in reps that is.. I can’t believe I swung a 20kg bell for 28 days with only a couple of days rest in between the whole time.. My notable achievements were 1200 reps in one day, and 180 unbroken swings.. So now I’m just waiting for the body to rest a little, a couple of days before I start on my next challenge which I’m thinking it’s going to be TGU’s and Snatches. (TGU- Turkish Get Up my favourite exercise)…

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