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“Get Fucked Up Workout!”

Today’s workout “Get Fucked up from exercise” was Awesome! Now I feel great i completed it. It wasn’t one of my best performances today, very low on energy for a couple of days, but it’s days when you’re tired, and just can’t be bothered days, are the ones that count. These are the days where you really push your mental boundaries to keep on going, wringing out that Mental Toughness you have developed over the years. You never ever regret a workout, but you always regret not doing one…So here it is and give it a try…my time was 39:43..

5L 5R Overhead Cossack Squat

10 Pushups (any kind)

10 KB Double Jerks

10 Double Arm Swings

10 Fuckin Double Unders

6 Rounds for time


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