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Second 28 day Kettlebell Swing Challenge has started!

I started the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge yesterday, this is my 2nd swing challenge within 2 months, I find that by doing these little fitness challenges keeps me focused, even though I am a trainer, we all need the motivation of some sort at times. I love the feeling of accomplishing something that is hard physically & mentally that will push you to your max. The first time I did it my KB weight was 20kgs and my total swings in 28 days were 12,401 and a total of 248,020kgs of weight moved, this 2nd time round my KB weight I am using is 30kgs, so far to date this is what I have done.
Day 1, 100 reps, Day 2, 250 reps, plus all the little exercises you do in between each set, each time you put the bell down you must do a certain type of exercise that is listed in the rules, to break the momentum a little as well as working for different muscle groups, you see when performing KB swings you are basically engaging all your posterior (rear) chain muscles and the core, so to create even balance we need to work muscles in the anterior (front) part of the body, so you got a choice of pushups, front squats, Presses and Pull Unders, but I cannot strict press the 30kgs at the moment, so that leaves me with doing loads of pushups of different variety and front squats. So here’s to the next 26days of swinging, will keep you posted and updated on reps, mental challenges, and physical challenges that I will go through….Yours in Health LIVE LOVE LIFT!


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