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Where Am I ???

Where Am I ????

WOD 24/04/16

This was one of the TOUGHEST WOD’s I have done in years. I am literally exhausted, honestly, I didn’t think I was gonna finish it, my body had just shut down, nothing left in the tank. By the time the 5th round of “Fuckin’ Double Unders” (I like to call them that, as they are not my forte) came around I kept crouching up on the floor, Taco gave me a piece of fruit, to get some sugar back in my system, I was right again within a couple of minutes, I only had 30 left to pump out, of 100 reps. I was determined to finish in my mind, I wasn’t gonna give up being this close to finishing…The whole WOD took me 3hrs, 10mins to finish. Usually, I have lunch straight after my workout, but because it had taken me so long it was dinner time by the time I had finished. My calves were not feeling too good at all… had a puke, felt better, Got up and soldiered on to bring it home for the last few reps I had left. Here’s the WOD…

100 Heavy KB Swings (my weight 18kgs)

100 Full KB Snatches (12kgs)

100 Fuckin’ Double Unders

5 Rounds for time…

This is Insane, definitely not for the Faint Hearted!



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